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Sun Aug, 4th

What is Kyeda?

As I’m starting to ask friends on Facebook to like Kyeda, one question always comes back: W...

Sat Aug, 3rd


Have you ever given an advice to a friend. That friend seems to have understood everything, but w...

Thu Aug, 1st

It happened again without me noticing

For the past 2 days, I have this christmassy song from Michael Jackson that I can’t stop th...


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Un penchant ennuyeux

Jul 2019

Vous a-t-on déjà appris à vous ennuyer ? Pas moi et je le regrette. Je sais m’occuper, plan...

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Pardonner les habitudes déplaisantes

Nov 2017

Le pardon à l’autre est futile, oserais-je dire inutile ? Pardonner à l’autre sans se...

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Contrôle vs pouvoir

Nov 2017

Le contrôle mène à la domination. Le pouvoir mène à l’influence. Quel est le désir que l...


Myers-Briggs personality types and their relations with chakras: the sacral chakra

Jul 2019

On the second article of this 7 part series, we will focus on the sacral chakra and its relation ...

Myers-Briggs personality types and their relations with chakras: the root chakra

Jul 2019

Have you ever thought of mixing the scientific method of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) p...

Don’t give advice before applying it to yourself

Jul 2019

It’s so easy to give advice to other people. You are objective and see them running like a ...