What is Kyeda?

As I’m starting to ask friends on Facebook to like Kyeda, one question always comes back:

What is it?

Everyone I talk to


I’ve decided to answer it to the best of my ability.


Kyeda is an idea I had for quite a long time in the form of a website or application that will give you personality quizzes to help you out on your personal development journey.

In the summer of 2015, I talk about this idea to a person I didn’t know much. Her reaction was not very enthusiast and she had a lot of objections to it. And for nearly a month, I didn’t talk or think about this idea again…

It’s amazing when we are not confident how people judgment becomes so important. Too important I’d say.


In April, my cousin and a psychologist friend of his wanted to create a website that would help people with low income to get subventions to see mental health specialist. To be honest, that was very complicated as it was playing along the French administration and health system. They didn’t follow up on the idea, but it gave me a huge boost, as it was for me, a first contact with a psychologist to create my personality quizzes.

So before calling her back, I created a plan in which I would simply call psychologist. No app, no website, just gathering information. I wrote a full phone speech with everything that I could learn about sales on the phone. But one thing was missing : a name.

What Kyeda means?

I had named my project “Psy/Coach” and I still had no name. So I created a list of everything that was important for me in personal development. I had prepared the full morning just for that.

I wrote the first thing that seems the most important to me when it comes to personal to development:

Know yourself

“Know thyself” is a famous quote wrongly attributed to Socrate that he used. And it is for me the bare bone of improving yourself. Every auditing firm, before improving the information system of a company as to know how it works. You can’t improve what you don’t know.

The second thing I wrote was:

Embrace discomfort

This was my mantra for the year 2015, the same year I started my first private blog. In that year, I started many things that were challenging to me and it made my life brighter. I opened myself to an extent that I never though visible. As an introvert, I pushed myself to be around people and discovered in their eyes, someone I didn’t see.

And then nothing…

I found out that Know Yourself, and Embrace Discomfort acronyms where flowing. At that time, I was thinking of building an app, so I put them all together: KYEDA, and AKYDE. I was really torn between both. But then I remember that KYEDA sounded like a French word : “quiétude”, meaning quiet. So I was sold on it.

I forgot about this document, and kept the name. Later, somehow, I don’t remember when, I thought of “taking Action” instead of “App”.

So Kyeda means:

Know Yourself, Embrace Discomfort and take Action

Never ending eagerness

2 years have passed and I didn’t start anything related to Kyeda. I even started a bus scheduling app because it was easier and less ambitious. I was simply afraid. And when that supposed small app start to gain traction while I made no publicity. The pressure became to big and I shut it down… Later this year, CityMapper gained traction in France. If I had continued, maybe I would have gone somewhere… Anyway.

All this time is passing by and I still think about the project. The issue with this first idea is that I need money to pay the psychologist to do the quizzes. And I’m not going to steal other quizzes. I want to build a legit business.

So I’m thinking of a side business model: the Uber of personal development. By putting in contact client and therapists.

Those 2 business models can create one app of its own. And I don’t know which one to choose. My beloved first idea, or the one that can bring money quicker? I wrote a journal entry for that day if you want to read it. I ask two people and there were both interested in the second idea. So I followed along. It made sense. The business model and the idea is clear for both the therapist and the client.

Low confidence leads to wrong behaviors

Within the following years. I didn’t feel the confidence of starting it. I tried several times but it was always a small blow very quiet that would engage me to nothing.

I have made several failures/lessons.

  1. Trying to start a website, but I had no content so it was difficult to built anything around nothing.
  2. I starting a lot of side projects to avoid doing Kyeda. Starting a personal Instagram with a photo a day for more than 2 years. My excuse: I need to learn the social media game once I will start Kyeda. Relatively good excuse, but absolutely bad.
  3. I also started a meetup to give free classes of programmation. It was taking so much of my time and I had nothing behind. No business or creation of a community. Total waste of time. Therefore, a lot of lessons for me!
  4. I started what I called an “awakening map” of all the concept we are in personal development.
    Funny enough, all of them are often related to 5 other things:

    • Psychology
    • Philosophy
    • Spirituality
    • Science, and believe it or not,
    • Religion
      I created a solution that will transform an excel into a very complicated visualisation map of how all this things are linked to each other. For instance, I noticed that the notion of karma (in Indian spirituality) was linked to the psychology concept of reciprocity. Not directly but in the principle. One was spirit and energy based, the other was based on studies and verified. The same with the concept of meditation and religious prayer. The actual prayer has a lot of common point with being present and give all your attention to God. Anyway, many links that got me thinking, but no business model and years of research ahead. So another total waste of time.

A hint of pride

I was in a coworking space, and one day, one of the coworking who is also entrepreneur told me:

Your idea is good. If you don’t do it, I’ll do it.

I was so angry and proud. There’s no way that “you” can do it better than me. I’ll show you.

Within 2 weeks, in october/november 2018, I finally built the most basic app with no particular design. So few design, that I took the same design basis as my bus scheduling app. Very basic with some bugs but clear and to the point.

Prior to that I had started taking info of therapists on other websites. It took me more than a month to have a few hundreds of them…

I released it on a Friday. On the Saturday, 3rd November 2018 (I remember this date, because I was meeting a friend) and while waiting, I searched if it’s even legal to copy public information of therapist from the competitors’ websites. Of course it wasn’t. In France I could even face criminal charges for that.

For the next 3 days, I was kind of proud of my illegal month of copy-pasting, but then I woke up. It’s not how I want things to go down. That’s not me. So I removed it from the app stores.

Back to square one

I can’t get clients or therapists without money. So how I get them to be aware of one another without an app that would cost me a lot in ads?

Well, first idea is to create interviews of therapists. It would give them exposure and I would create valuable content for the prospects. All broadcast under Kyeda brand for awareness.

Alright, perfect idea. I got 3 interview shot… one edited. This thing takes A LOT of time. It’s not my stuff at all -_-.

I couldn’t. I still can’t actually, face the 3 people I shot the video for…

Long story short

Finally, I come to South America to get my head clear. And there I finally have the guts to start it.

I would simply reuse, all of my failures (now turned lessons) and build a blog with all my photos and all my content from my private blog.

I will use my small Instagram following as another pipe.

I will use my knowledge of creating meetups to do the same but with therapists and teachings of personal development.

I will finally take a specific approach in my blog where I will show the link between personal development and other well-established institutions/beliefs.

And finally, I’ll make sure that everything is:

  • practical, to get you started on your journey
  • insightful, by giving the source of any article, saying or figures so people can go search further
  • non-judgmental, to get people talking about their issues without feeling judged, but actually listened to and helped
  • righteous, by not lying or stealing anything from anyone, but instead give full info of where I took anything so it gives props to whoever helped me directly or indirectly (mostly indirectly because I do everything alone)

Get to the point NOW!

Ok, ok! So… (ahem…)

Kyeda is a community around personal development. Its philosophy is to be plainly non-judgemental of others and give them the mean to be autonomous. To do so, we will be listening fully and give the feeling of being heard. Being heard leads to acceptance, acceptance leads to change, change leads to action. And autonomy will be giving by giving the tools to practice on their own so they are not dependent of a person or an idea.

Kyeda will operates under no dogma. A solution might be based on personal development, science, spirituality, psychology, philosophy or religion, but it doesn’t mean it is the only truth. The only truth, if there’s any will be the one of the personal feedback done after experiments. Only our own perspective holds true to oneselves, this truth should be enough to live by. It can be exposed to someone, but never forced on them.

Kyeda and its community will organize free gathering in person to help people speed up their process and find likely minded people.

Kyeda will also organize paying workshops with professionals of various fields in personal development in order to add knowledge to the motivation they’d get in free gatherings.

By having therapists and members meeting together, it will give awareness to therapists who wants to develop their business and give the opportunity to member to meet the specialists before paying their expensive fees.


I need to make this shorter for others, but at least having this will help me answer and give something more unified and clearer to others.


  • Write down this “full” history of Kyeda for the first time
  • Find the lessons in failures
  • Write a first draft of the mission

To improve

  • Make a shorter version of the mission that encompass everything in a sentence or two
  • Use this first draft to introduce the project directly to people before they ask me what is it.
  • Create a little piece of text that I can copy paste directly (and keep talking to people prior, have a conversation!!!)

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